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For Athletes; By Athletes


DFAC Founders: (from left to right) Guy Addison, Vicky McCann, Rich Fitter, Mike Lipowski

Run purely for the good of the natural athletes, the DFAC is a not about making profit.

Our aim is the development of natural bodybuilding as a sport. Qualification is required for the World Finals, giving a structured tiered system for the DFAC amateur competitors.

The DFAC wants to present Pro competition where the athletes are showcased in a way that the high standard of these athletes deserves.

The DFAC adheres to stringent drug testing and adheres to WADA. Every athlete finalist is polygraphed and all class winners at every show are urine tested. We also do out of competition Random tests. The DFAC feel that this is the best way to ensure all our athletes are truly Drug Free!

The New Standard in Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions

The sport of natural bodybuilding is not just fractured – it is completely broken.  In order for the sport to grow, egos must be put aside and the relationship between organization, athlete and promoter must be one of mutual respect.  Enter the DFAC.

While many federations claim to be all about the athlete we see the sport becoming more about the federation profiting off the athlete and promoter.  Affiliation fees, sanction fees and increased membership costs are not helping in an already troubled economy.  The more it costs to promote a show the more it costs to compete and the less promoters have to offer.

It’s all about the athletes

We have listened to the complaints voiced by competitors regarding judging, drug testing (urine and polygraph tests) and how competitions are organized and run, and have set out to establish and enforce rules, drug-testing policies and judging parameters to make the competitive experience for athletes consistent, fair and fun.  Athletes diet and train for months on end and spend substantial amounts of money for essentially 20 minutes on stage.  They deserve the best possible arena to compete in and display the results of their hard work.

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Promoters make it happen

We have heard the concerns voiced by promoters and have put in place a support mechanism that is unparalleled in the industry.  Promoters work hard and risk personal finances to provide athletes with great venues, nice trophies, and an enjoyable experience.  They do this not in an effort to turn profit but to help the sport survive.   We want to help them make the sport flourish.

Our solution

In the DFAC, promoters are not currently charged sanction fees, nor affiliation fees. Promoters can run their shows under their own banner.  For example:Michael Lipowski’s PURE PHYSIQUE Personal Training presents The Northern USA Classic, a DFAC Pro-Qualifier.  This allows the promoter to build his or her own brand.

There are no crossovers at DFAC sanctioned events.  This is to avoid trophy hunters and redundancy for the audience.

Each promoter will receive updates regarding drug test results after each sanctioned event. This is to ensure our sport remains free of DFAC banned athletes competing in our events. Also, an email contact list will be provided to all promoters and updated after each event. Every promoter will know how many athletes are competitng in the DFAC and will be able to contact them for upcoming contests or seminars.

By having an athlete list promoters will know how much revenue is in the DFAC account.  Our books will be open to reassure our promoters that we are financially sound and that the income is being used for DFAC operations.

We believe this plan is best for all of us who genuinely love the sport of natural bodybuilding.


DFAC Founders

Rich Fitter
Michael Lipowski
Vicky McCann & Guy Addison  – BNBF